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Club By-Laws

General Rules

  1. All members must show current AMA card before renewing club membership.
  2. No alcoholic beverages are permitted at the field.
  3. Members must abide by the AMA safety code rules and the rules of the OldTown Valley Flyer’s R/C Club.
  4. Members must catch fuel over flow when fueling and refueling of airplanes and helicopters.
  5. Members must respect the club’s field and clean up after themselves before leaving the field.
  6. All flight operations will take place beyond the flight line (a theoretical wall). This is to prevent possible over flight of the spectators, pit area, and parking area.
  7. A maximum of five (5) flyers are permitted to fly at any one time.
  8. The initial post-takeoff climb will be away from the pit and spectator area. All landings and take-offs should be announced. Whenever power is lost and landing is imperative, pilots must announce “Dead Stick”. No one will go beyond the flight line without announcing “Man on the field”. Dead stick landings take priority over any other situation.
  9. All club members must use the frequency pin board before turning on his/her transmitter! This system requires that a club member take the channel pin for his/her channel. Club members not getting a frequency pin for their channel and turning on his/her transmitter causing a model aircraft to crash due to interference will be liable for damages. If a dispute arises and cannot be settled between the two members, the club will hold a meeting to settle the dispute.
  10. Club members are responsible for any guests they bring. If the guest is flying, the club member must inform the guest of club rules and AMA safety code rules.
  11. A guest flyer is limited to 3 visits at our field provided he or she is a current AMA member and must be accompanied by a current club member. After the third visit they are required to join the club and pay current club dues. If there is a waiting list present due to the 50 member limit, the person will be placed on the club’s waiting list. After the said person’s third visit, they are not permitted to fly at our field until he or she becomes a club member.
  12. There will be a $150.00 cap on lawn mower and field maintenance per season that would not need a club vote to purchase materials. Anything involving over the $150.00 cap will need club members’ majority vote and approval. The club will automatically set aside $250.00 per year for the purpose of purchasing a mower or other maintenance equipment as directed by member approval.
  13. A non-AMA person is permitted to fly 1 time with a current club member on a buddy cord only. 
  14. No person is permitted to fly Sunday mornings until 11:00am.

Club Officers

The elected officers shall be: 

  1. President
  2. Vice-President
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Safety Coordinator

Elections shall take place by the end of the first quarter of the new year --March 31st. All Potential officers must be AMA and Old Town Valley members for the new year

Officers Duties


The president shall be the executive officer of the club and shall preside at all meetings. He or she shall be the spokesperson for the club. He or she shall appoint standing and special committees and chairmen as required.

Vice President

The Vice-President shall assist the President in all matters and shall assume the duties of the President if, for any reason, he or she is not able to perform his duties.


The Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of the club’s proceedings. The Secretary is responsible for annually renewing the club charter. The Secretary shall assume the duties of the Treasurer if he or she is unable to perform his duties.


The Treasurer shall have charge of all the funds of the club. He or she shall keep an exact record of all monies received and dispersed. He or she shall maintain the records in such a manner so that they may be open for inspection at any time. He or she
shall make a report of the financial condition of the club at all meetings. The Treasurer shall assume the duties of the Secretary if he or she is unable to perform his or her duties.

Safety Coordinator

The Safety Coordinator shall have the responsibility of maintaining a safe flying atmosphere at our flying field. The Safety Coordinator has the responsibility and the right to request any individual using the club’s facilities to cease such use due to violations of either the AMA safety code rules or the OldTown Valley Flyer’s R/C Club rules and supervising of the flight line and frequency control at the club’s flying field.


General Membership

Entitles member to all rights and privileges of the club. General membership also covers spouse, and children under age 18. The adult club member‘s children under the age of 18 will be identified on our club’s roster as a junior member.               

Senior Membership

Entitles member to  $10.00  off of current general membership. To be eligible for the senior discount, a member must be 60 years of age or older
on the date the dues are paid. Members with a disability are also entitled to the senior membership discount. The senior membership has all the rights and
privileges of the general membership.

Lifetime Membership

Entitles member to all rights and privileges of the club except for the following, lifetime memberships do not require member to hold a current AMA membership unless he or she will partake in flying model aircraft, then a current AMA membership will be required. Nominations for lifetime memberships will be held on the first meeting of every year.

Dues shall be payable annually by February 1st.  Any member who has not paid club dues by the said time shall be removed from the membership list and will have to rejoin the club as a new member.

Club membership will be limited to a maximum of 50 adult members.  Junior members will not be considered as club members when the maximum membership limit is reached. If the club’s membership roster exceeds the maximum adult members, the names will be placed on a waiting list in the order club officers receive the applications. This list will be posted and updated as applications are received on our web site under the members section and will be available for prospective members.

Club dues shall be payable by cash, money order, or cashier’s check only, no personal checks accepted.


The club reserves the right to reject or revoke membership to any individual it deems detrimental to the club’s best interest or AMA rules and regulations. New memberships will be voted upon by a simple majority of members at a regular club meeting. A majority of fifty-one percent (51%) of attending members at a regular club meeting is required to take action to revoke a membership.

No refund shall be made to any member who decides to withdraw from further club activities.

It is the intent of the OldTown Valley Flyer’s R/C Club to promote the radio controlled hobby in a safe and responsible manner. The OldTown Valley Flyer’s R/C Club will not discriminate memberships on race, color, sex, religion, or heritage. All members must abide by AMA (Aeronautics Modeling Association) safety code, and club rules and regulations. Failure to abide by either of the above could result in termination of membership and club privileges. The OldTown Valley Flyer’s R/C Club has the right to terminate a club member due to abuse of club rules and/or endangering other club members.

In order to terminate a club member, the club must have proof of such violations and must have club members vote and pass by a majority vote. Discharged members are not entitled to a refund on previously paid club dues.

Any additions or corrections to the club by-laws must be voted on and passed by current club members present at that meeting by majority vote.

Club by laws will be reviewed during a club meeting at least every two years

Revised: December 1st 2012


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